Email Marketing: How to Target the Right People

Most people get annoyed by spam email messages they receive every day but if you’re like me, you probably delete them without even reading them because you don’t want to waste any extra time on things you don’t care about.

This is why finding the right target audience for your company before releasing marketing campaigns or advertisements is key to a successful business. 

Today we’re talking about finding the right audience for your email marketing. Sending some relevant emails to the right people can open new doors for you and your business, finding you quality leads that can become potential clients. Here are a few strategies we guarantee that will improve your marketing game.

What Is A Target Audience?

Finding the right target audience means aiming your campaigns, advertisements, and emails at the right people who are interested in what you’re selling/promoting. 

Now, you must start from somewhere when you’re selecting your target audience. This means that you have to send a few promotional emails to gain traction.

If this kind of email doesn’t include any compelling content to make people want to click through and read the rest of the email, then most people will just delete the message without even reading it or mark it as junk mail.

Tips For Finding The Right Audience For Your Email Marketing

Promoting Your Business Through A Company Blog Always Helps

Having a platform where you can explain what your company is all about is the best way to get exposure and attract clients for your marketing. 

Try to include educational blog posts that explain to your readers what your company is all about and help them figure out by themselves if they’re interested in subscribing to your email promotions.

This technique basically does the job for you. Instead of you finding the right people, the right people will soon be finding you.

Make Your Emails Interesting To The Audience 

This is a hard one to achieve, especially if your marketing campaigns are not targeted to the right audience. But, either way, you should try to only send marketing emails that would be appealing to the readers. You need to keep your audience interested in the topic instead of spamming them with repetitive emails.

Choose Quality Leads

Having a few quality leads in your email lists that are really interested in your work and promotions is far better than having many leads that probably won’t open your emails at all. Working with a smaller group of clients helps you engage more with them and target your content towards them.

Find Your Segmented Target Audience By Demographic

The biggest part of marketing is knowing who to target with your emails. Selecting your email list by demographic such as age, gender, or location can help you with this task. 

Don’t be afraid to get on a personal level with your clients. Developing a close relationship with your leads, maybe sending them personalized emails with promotions directed towards their interests, won’t get you millions of clients, but it will help you find loyal ones.

Host Giveaways And Offer Gifts Relevant To Your Client’s Interests

Offering your targeted lead a coupon for a free service(relevant to your business) that they can purchase immediately with an exchange for their email address is an excellent marketing strategy. This way you get relevant subscribers to your email address that could potentially become your clients.

For example, if you’re a pet-shop business, you can offer your leads a coupon for 30% off any product, or maybe a free pet grooming. Hosting giveaways/contests is also a great way to get people to sign their email addresses in order to sign up for it. Again, pick a gift or a service that is relevant to the services you provide in order to find the ideal customer.

Promote Your Email Address On Your Socials

Successful business owners and service providers know that in today’s day and age, social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the best place to promote your business and get as much exposure as possible. So, why not do this with your email address? You can add ”sign-up” boxes to every social platform to make it easier for your leads to find you. 

Using The ThreeSixty Tools To Improve Your Email Outreach

One can use the Email Finder tool that is part of the ThreeSixty ecosystem to generate meaningful leads. As we said before, email marketing yields great results, but it heavily depends on the quality of your emails. Email Finder accepts a list of names and website domains and attempts to find an email address for every one of them.

These emails are validated and are guaranteed not to bounce. Using them in your email marketing efforts will assure you are not shooting blindly.

LinkedIn Inmail Services

LinkedIn is a very popular social network for business professionals that grants you the ability to make connections and form business relationships from around the world.

As a standard user of LinkedIn, you have the right to send messages to people you are connected to, but as a Premium user, you can even access the people you’re not connected to.

In addition to receiving your message on the platform, they will also receive an email. InMail helps you get into direct contact with your clients/candidates. 

The only downside to this method is the cost. After using up all your allotted in-mails, it can quickly get very expensive. 

Social Media Advertising

Social media ads are a perfect way to expand your email, especially Facebook. Facebook advertising is an inexpensive way to get recognition and attract more leads towards you. 

You can target your leads based on their interests, age, location, and even their purchases in the past. This way, you make sure that these advertisements are relevant to your targeted audience and therefore, make it easier for them to become potential clients.

Email Newsletters With Company News

What you can do to grow an email audience is to include a newsletter signup on your website. Users can leave their email addresses to receive news and promotional offers. You can also create a newsletter for active users of your product or service.