The Importance Of Marketing Automation In 2022 And Beyond

Marketing automation has proven to be one of the best ways to target potential leads for your business by spreading automated messages all around the social platforms, email, websites, and blogs.

Marketing automation can help you find quality leads, as well as promote your business by running campaigns and advertisements. This tool helps you save both time and money by doing all of these things at once.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation basically means automation marketing activities. What this means is that those activities can be done by a computer program, saving you time to focus on more important tasks. 

This can help you reach your target audience faster and save you money.

Marketing automation lets you do your digital marketing without actually having to send out emails, messages, campaigns, or post manually. It does it all at once so your business can gain recognition faster.

Why Is Marketing Automation So Important?

Marketing automation is not just important, it is absolutely essential for doing any serious marketing at scale. Sending emails out manually would take a long time. Imagine if you have a large list of 100 000 leads you want to reach by email. It would not be feasible to do this by hand; it would take you forever!

It is not just email marketing you can automate. There are platforms available that would take care of all of your marketing automation efforts. One such platform is ThreeSixty.

The first step in starting an automated email outreach campaign is to find your potential customers. 

If you have already got a list of people with their first names, last names, and company website domain names, you can use the ThreeSixty Email Finder to find their email addresses. 

ThreeSixty, using advanced AI technology will verify each individual person’s email address and also enrich it from the system’s internal database containing hundreds of millions of profiles.

Sometimes you have got a list of LinkedIn profiles and you want to find out their employment and education history to decide if they are relevant leads. In that scenario, you can use the ThreeSixty Profile Enricher. The Profile Enricher will also additionally return the contacts’ email addresses. 

Putting Out Personalised Content For Your Leads

This can help you track your potential client’s behavioral date and base your emails on that. By personalizing your emails, your leads gain more knowledge and therefore it is more likely for them to engage. 

Behavior-Based Email

Sending out behavior-based email content to only a few selected people that have shown interest in what you have to offer and have been actively engaging in your content.

Marketing On Multiple Channels

You might have noticed that the an advertisement can be shown to you on each one of your platforms. It seems to be following you on every social network you log onto. They even send you emails related to their new campaigns.

This is called omnichannel marketing(or marketing on multiple channels). The marketing automation helps your lead to notice your ads on multiple platforms(websites, social media, text messages, email…). This means that your leads can see your ads on whichever platform they’re using at the moment.


Chatbots are basically robots that you can chat with and gain more information about the product/service you’re interested in. This is a great way for you to talk to your potential customers without actually interact personally. It saves a lot of time.

You can use these chatbots to answer your customers’ questions, gaining so many points for your engagement and great customer service. 

Mobile Marketing Automation

Mobile marketing automation gathers information about mobile device users like their location, data, and what type of device they’re using. You can advertise your product/service on online on multiple platforms but also offline platforms like SMS or MMS.

Online Shops

People love buying products in the comfort of their home. Making your product/service online-friendly and shoppable on your social posts, blog posts, or social media in general. 

Improve Your Customer Experience With Marketing Automation

People love it when brands and businesses have a great customer service. In fact, it’s more likely that a client will buy your product/service if they had a great customer experience.

This way, your client will be more informed about your products, what you stand for, and overall your brand. 

Collaborative Engagement With Your Customers

If you’re a brand that’s selling a product, you’ll probably need as much exposure as you can get. A perfect way to really connect with your customers is to communicate and collaborate with them.

Marketing automation can easily find you leads that can would be interesting in doing business with you and push your product. Yes, I’m talking about influencers, brand ambassadors, promoters, etc..


Listening to your customers and letting them interact and decide what type of product/content to provide next is a great strategy to help you more and more customers. 

Making your customers feel like they’re a part of the journey and they get to help with putting out product is a classic marketing strategy that will never get old.

Produce Quality Content

Before you start your email marketing first, you need to stop and think about the content that you trying to provide. The content needs to keep your leads’ interest, making them want to find more about what type of service your are providing. 

You can also put out posts relevant to your services with the purpose to educate your leads on the latest news and promotions.