Top 10 Cold Email Tools

A cold email is an e-mail that is sent to a person without prior contact but is not considered spam. Cold emails are a big part of email marketing and it’s a way of starting a conversation with potential leads/clients.

For example, if a salesperson wants to start a conversation with a lead it should be natural, not forced. This is where cold emails come in handy.

Cold emails are meant to start an online conversation with prospects that know nothing or very little about your business. That’s called a “cold lead”, meaning the person is hearing from you for the very first time. 

Cold emailing should not be forced. The purpose is to start a conversation without forcing your services/business to your leads immediately. It’s all about building a connection with your leads first and then offering them what you’re selling.

Top 10 Cold Email Tools


ThreeSixty is a marketing automation, lead generation, and LinkedIn automation platform. It allows you to discover leads that fit certain criteria and lets you reach out to them via email. You can start messaging campaigns that send cold emails and get notified when someone responds. 

The ThreeSixty platform also comes with other tools that can help your outreach campaigns. There’s the Profile Finder that can help you discover people in specific roles and with specific skills. You can then start an email campaign using those details.


Salesmate is a platform for sales teams to manage and send automated or personalized messages, cold emails, texts, calls, and email campaigns. Salesmate will help you turn leads into customers in no time by doing all the work for you.


Outreach is an automation tool that helps sales teams find and connect with leads. This tool is based on sequences and helps your sales team to handle all their leads no matter how many of them there are. 

Outreach can also notify your sales team if any of the leads have replied or sent you any messages. Your sales team can even analyze their progress and prior performance through Outreach’s sequence analytics.


Mix max is a scheduling tool that lets you schedule and book meetings with cold leads. You can post your schedule directly into the emails you’re sending so your leads can immediately book a meeting.

 MixMax has a feature that lets you create templates and automated messages. You will also be able to personalize the automated messages to sound more personal and less automatic.


Woodpecker is a tool that’s specifically designed for B2B companies that regularly send cold emails and campaigns.


Hunter is a web-based research tool that can help your sales team collect and verify professional email addresses. This tool can also help you find the emails of your targeted audience and immediately verify them. You can also find out your lead’s interests and personal data so you can personalize your campaigns and emails.


Vocus is a scheduling tool that helps you book meetings with prospects, and send cold email campaigns. Similar to MixMax, Vocus also has a booking calendar that you can put into your emails so your prospects can book a meeting. 

SalesBlink lets you find your prospects’ business email addresses and allows you to verify them prior to your email campaigns. You can also use their campaign builder and add templates to make your email campaigns more personalized.

SalesBlink also helps you with scheduling meetings, cold emails, and follow-ups with prospects so you don’t waste your time. This tool also has a built-in Customer Relationship Management that can manage all the conversations with your prospects.


Lemlist is an email outreach tool that automates and personalizes cold emails, pictures, and videos. You can also schedule your emails, and follow-ups, and measure your campaign’s success and performance by looking at the clicks, and replies. This tool allows you to send multichannel sequences and insert logos and screenshots in your emails to make them stand out.

How To Write A Successful Cold Email

It’s All About Personalization!

Emailing cold leads can be a hard job. You need to make your emails more engaging, personalized, and all-in-all more attractive to read. Since you’re sending a cold email and the prospect doesn’t know who you are yet, you might want to start by introducing yourself, not the product you’re selling. 

Let them know that you understand their business. The more you know about your leads, the more personalized you can make your cold emails. Make sure you address your leads personally and craft your messages and campaigns according to their interests.

It always helps when the emails sound human, not automated. Always add some personal touch when writing a cold email.

Otherwise, your prospects might skip right through it, or worse, mark it as spam. Use a casual vocabulary so you don’t seem unnatural and robotic. A great way for a cold lead to even open your email is actually using your real name in the “From” title. 

Don’t forget to also include your job title, phone number, website, social media platforms, and LinkedIn account.

When trying to write a successful email you should always remember to keep it as short as possible. 

No lead wants to read an overexplained, long, and boring email; It drives them away. Instead, compose a short email with all the information your lead needs to understand what you’re really trying to say to them.


CTA, or “Call To Action” is a marketing term for a design that’s used to provoke reader command or take action as a way to give meaning to your context.

CTA’s are usually strong and assertive words like “buy now!” or “download now!”. This way you’re getting your target audience to respond to you by taking the action you present.

By using CTA you’re basically guiding your audience by telling them which step they should take next. Never forget that good customer experience and service is one of the most important jobs in sales marketing.