Top Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Tools

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a technology, tool, strategy, or system that helps your business manage and build better relationships with your customers and prospects. 

CRM tools help you stay connected with your customers, sales management, manage marketing campaigns, and improve your profitability.

The Best CRM Tools 


HubSpot is software that helps small businesses grow faster, gain customers, turn leads into customers, and drive traffic towards it. Why is HubSpot so great for small businesses?

This software offers a great number of tools that you can use for free. There are also paid plans you can upgrade to as you grow your business.

HubSpot offers many helpful tools and services but the main 5 that are:

  • Marketing Hub- Help you generate quality leads, capture leads, create and manage content. 
  • Sales Hub- Communicates with potential customers and helps them have a better understanding of what your company offers, close deals, and turns leads into customers. 
  • Service Hub- Helps your customers have a pleasant customer experience, resolves any issues and dilemmas they have, and turns customers into promoters.


Salesforce can help you find potential clients, connect your sales to service, marketing, and other sales opportunities.

Salesforce has lots of features that save you time to do more important things. There is a reminder system that reminds your sales team if there are any important upcoming meetings or projects they have to work on, email marketing, lead scoring, social media integration, internal chat, task management, and even document storage. 


Pipedrive is here to help small and medium-sized businesses improve their sales and sales management. Pipedrive is reasonably priced and very easy to use; It doesn’t require any specialized CRM knowledge.


Insightly is targeted towards mid-sized businesses and helps them grow their audience, build better customer relationships, generate leads, manage projects, etc.

Insightly tracks your prospects’ relevant information like their business email address, their name, and their job at the company. 

This CRM tool also has a workflow automation feature that allows you to automate tasks that are repetitive so you don’t have to do them manually like sending email alerts, generating tasks, and creating or updating records. 


Salesflare helps you collect as much information as possible from your leads. This is a useful CRM and sales outreach platform that helps you score leads, send automated personalized emails and email campaigns, and it has a built-in address book so you can keep track of every customer or prospect. 


Zoho is a multi-channel program which means that you can reach your customers on multiple channels like emails, and social media platforms. You also get notifications when people want to interact with you or your business. 

Zoho has a feature that allows you to automatically send emails with customers, follow up with leads, scheduling tasks, and even sending personalized SMS texts.

Capsule CRM

Capsule is a CRM tool that helps you build a better relationship with your customers and grow your sales. You can also keep track of past conversations with your customers and their business information. 

Capsule is very helpful when it comes to being more organized in helping your customers and catering to their every need.

Why Are CRM Platforms So Important For Growing Your Business

Every company needs to maintain a good relationship with its customers and leads. It’s one of the most important parts of building and running a successful business. 

CRM platforms are very helpful when it comes to collecting all your leads’ information in one place. It assists you by organizing all the time-consuming tasks for you, leaving you to do the more important tasks for your company.

CRM also helps you record and analyze important calls, meetings, emails, and texts; an essential thing for improving your customer service and increasing your sales.

What Is A CRM Software

CRMs are professional tools that help companies achieve their goals faster. By using CRMs in your pipeline, you can efficiently process and collect all of your customers’ data like their business contact information and their sales revenue.

CRMs are specifically designed to help your sales and management department be more organized with your customers, keep track of sales, and collect and store customer data.

CRM tools also lets you add all of your planned or completed activities like follow-ups with leads or clients.

Quality CRM tools also have the ability to personalize your emails with clients and leads so your responses don’t seem so robotic and overly practiced. You can use your CRM database to find out your prospects’ first and last names to make your communications with them feel more personal. 

Customer relationship management is especially useful for small and medium-sized businesses that need help with managing and viewing their sale records to see if there is any progress as well as keeping an eye on their customers and their customer support system. 

With the help of CRM tools, small businesses can easily score new leads and target their promotions and campaigns towards the right audience.

This means no more sending emails and wasting your time for a big group of people that aren’t really interested in your products/services, CRM tools narrow the list to targeted audiences only.

Most CRM tools have pipeline management features that give you a visual representation of your customers, leads, and the deals you’ve already closed. This feature makes it easy for your sales team to see what leads they should pursue as well as their current status.

Sale forecasting is also a feature that many CRM tools have. The forecasting sales feature basically predicts future sales by using pipeline data so your sales team can see how far they can push to make a sale and if it’s worth it.