Email Prospecting

Personalised email outreach maximising conversational conversion.

Email Prospecting

Our email prospecting platform is trully amazing, imagine being able to send 10k personalised emails every month that look like you have taken the time to research your prospects, and email the personally even attaching your email signature, and following up with each prospect automatically multiple times encouraging that to respond, sounds good doesn’t it!

Test multiple content strategies and set your own email limits.

Work with FuzeIQ to generate targeted lead data using AI experiments.

How do we do it?

Domain reputation and Email Authority

Before starting an email outreach with FuzeIQ our team will register a new domain similar to your business domain and set up a new email against that domain.

Why do we do this?

Using your day to day email is not advisable when conducting lead generation, our team will monitor your new domain and email reputation, warming up your new domain to ensure your emails land in your prospects inbox first time.


You will be issued a targeting sheet to add as much information regarding your ideal prospect audience with verticals from Title, Industry, Geography, Company Headcount and many more.

Once received our team will go to work and generate your handpicked list of leads and cleanse the data to ensure the best deliverability


Once you have identified your target audience it's time to work on your message content, what's going to engage your prospects and encourage them to respond? the team at FuzeIQ has oodles of experience writing prospecting content and will work with you to get yours across.


Launching your campaigns takes next to no time at all, simply sit back and respond to your leads as and when they engage, it's simple.


Just a handful of the sectors we support


FuzeIQ works with 70+ recruitment agencies worldwide to automate candidate and client attraction reducing job board costs and marketing spend.


Sales and business coaching consultants are able to engage with CEO’s and Founders on a global scale utilising Sales Navigator to enhance search criteria filtering decision makers.


Whether it’s to engage with internal marketing professionals regarding outsourcing of marketing services or to utilise as an internal platform to manage clients, FuzeIQ works with some of the fastest growing marketing companies helping them to grow and grow their clients lead base.

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Emilia Clarke
FuzeIQ has increased our inbound lead traffic traffic and conversion rate. We’ve enjoyed working with them and consider them a strategic business partner.
David Chang
Green RPO
Emilia Clarke
Simple and effective, the guys deliver result and cut out the bullshit jargon that everyone else deals with.
Dianne Edwards
10TON Media
Emilia Clarke
The team at FuzeIQ have done a great job, working with our Sydney and New York teams they are always on hand to help and advise.
Maria Kloop