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Frequent Questions

Do I need a premium LinkedIn account

Since LinkedIn limits the number of your profile views and profile searches on a free account, you will need to upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account to fully benefit of FuzeIQ's features. We recommend LinkedIn Sales Navigator as the filtering options are superior to LinkedIn Premium.

Is there a long term commitment

There is no long term commitment. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime. Upgrades and downgrades take effect immediately. The new monthly rate begins at the start of your next billing cycle.

What about language limitations

There is no limitation on the language of your LinkedIn account or the language that you use to connect with prospects.

How are FuzeIQ's platforms different from other providers

FuzeIQ's Linkedin and Email Automation systems are not another Chrome extension that you need to install in your browser, but cloud-based softwares that allow you to fully automate your LinkedIn and email outreach campaigns, without being dependant on your device or internet connection.

Is FuzeIQ GDPR compliant

FuzeIQ follows all best GDPR practices.

And results?

Each profile and business is different. However all businesses need exposure, visibility and to stay in front of their ideal prospects. The look back rates that we're seeing can range between 2-14%, with an average of 9%. Many of the people who look back at your profile will also send you a connection request but can also visit your website and engage directly with you.
By using the Auto-Connect, Free InMails or Sequential Messaging feature, you'll be able to continuously reach out to new prospects, all on auto-pilot, which will guarantee a steady stream of leads every day.

Can I use multiple LinkedIn or Email accounts

FuzeIQ will only work with one LinkedIn and email account at a time, if you would like to discuss additional users accounts then please contact us

Can I resell or white label FuzeIQ

Yes you can, please contact us to discuss reseller and partner options.

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