How we do, what do....

FuzeIQ combines the three modern, proactive outbound methods into one simple managed strategy.


Everyone likes a good combination, from Pizza and Beer to Batman and Robin FuzeIQ likes to combine outbound strategies to generate leads.


People buy from people that’s just the way it is, but making dozens of cold calls everyday is, well, monotonous to say the least. Why speak to 100 people trying to gauge their interest in your services? wouldn’t it be better to speak with a handful of people everyday that actually want to know more about what you do? it’s not about replacing you, it’s about squeezing as much productivity into a working week and focusing on the important stuff like closing more deals!  We implement lead outreach strategies that engage your target audience and human interaction.

LinkedIn Conversations

LinkedIn is a fantastic source of open data if you know how to leverage it! It’s loud and crowded but if you know how to leverage a new connection and start a meaningful conversation you’re already on to a winner. Our team are experts at everything LinkedIn, we know how to connect, engage and convert your audience into actionable leads that help you meet your sales growth aspirations.


So, you’ve taken the time to interact with new connections on LinkedIn, We will action up to 3000 connection requests every month resulting in an average engagement rate of 40% bringing in some great new leads. But, what do you do with the 60% of connection requests that didn’t engage? Well, just leaving them isn’t good enough for us. We segment all of your target profiles that haven’t connected, generate their business email address and we keep the engagement going through email drip sequences. Our multi channel approach is great at optimising engagement.


Targeting & business goals

Our team will work with you to identify and build out your target audience. With a database of over 380 million contacts worldwide we will leverage data to create a target database of decision makers relative to your product or service.

System set up

Once your target audience has been created we will sync your LinkedIn profile to our systems and also create your own dedicated prospecting email under a .com domain that matches your business. You will be provided access to our systems so that you or a member of your team can action any replies.

Outbound Stage #1

First, we start with LinkedIn, we will connect you with every contact that matches your target audience by adding them to a 3-6 step sequence of messages. We will run for 30 days gradually increasing the level of connection requests and follow up messages monitoring your profile health at all times.

Outbound Stage #2

In stage #1 we are building out your engagement and analysing how many of your contacts are connecting. In this time we are also warming up your new email prospecting account ensuring you have a strong domain and IP reputation (this ensures your prospecting emails land in the recipients inbox rather than the spam folder). We export every prospect from your LinkedIn campaign that didn't connect, we then enrich that data with verified email addresses and continue the engagement via email.

Inbound Stage #1

Now that both of your outbound channels are live you will steadily notice an increase in inbound enquiries resulting in more sales calls being booked. The longer it runs the better it gets.

Omni-Channel Workflow

FuzeIQ operates two distinct omni-channel outbound processes based on the size of our clients target audience and business goals.

Small Audience

Large Audience


Our process is simple, effective and is a continuous cycle that gets better and better.

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