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FuzeIQ combines the three modern, proactive outbound methods into one simple managed strategy.


Everyone likes a good combination, from Pizza and Beer to Batman and Robin FuzeIQ likes to combine outbound strategies to generate leads.


People buy from people that’s just the way it is, but making dozens of cold calls everyday is, well, monotonous to say the least. Why speak to 100 people trying to gauge their interest in your services? wouldn’t it be better to speak with a handful of people everyday that actually want to know more about what you do? it’s not about replacing you, it’s about squeezing as much productivity into a working week and focusing on the important stuff like closing more deals!  We implement lead outreach strategies that engage your target audience and human interaction.

LinkedIn Conversations

LinkedIn is a fantastic source of open data if you know how to leverage it! It’s loud and crowded but if you know how to leverage a new connection and start a meaningful conversation you’re already on to a winner. Our team are experts at everything LinkedIn, we know how to connect, engage and convert your audience into actionable leads that help you meet your sales growth aspirations.


So, you’ve taken the time to interact with new connections on LinkedIn, We will action up to 3000 connection requests every month resulting in an average engagement rate of 40% bringing in some great new leads. But, what do you do with the 60% of connection requests that didn’t engage? Well, just leaving them isn’t good enough for us. We segment all of your target profiles that haven’t connected, generate their business email address and we keep the engagement going through email drip sequences. Our multi channel approach is great at optimising engagement.


Our process is simple, effective and is a continuous cycle that gets better and better.

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Looking for something a little more bespoke? want to see how our clients send millions of emails every month for as little as $50?

need a little extra?

Add on solutions that power up your prospecting

Lead generation is constantly evolving and a one size fits all solution isnt always the best option. FuzeIQ offers bolt on solutions that supercharge your lead generation.

Dedicated Email

Our team of technical wizards can build and manage your own dedicated email server so you can send unlimited prospecting emails, cool huh?

Decision Maker

Ok, so you have an email server but where do you find all of your leads? FuzeIQ leverages a database of over 380 million lead records that can be at your disposal.


Data is key to prospecting success but data gets old and expires, people move on and make changes so making sure your lead data is accurate is important.